Friday, April 11, 2008



I am putting on my website four additions to the "Responses and Reminiscences" section (found under "Writings of J.C.") These are:

52. Tessai, the Temple, and Three Bishops
53. How the Train Scroll Came Into Being
54. Ed Schafer and Three Chopin Barcarolles
55. Sôgenga: A Modest Exhibition, An Opportunity

All four are, I think, entertaining, in some part amusing, in part even instructive; I recommend them to browsers. The one on Ed Schafer will call up fond memories in those who knew him, and give some sense of why he was so respected and loved to those who didn't. The one on the Train Scroll is insufficient because it doesn't include pictures of the work, but a younger colleague intends to write a learned article about it and publish good reproductions of it, so we will have to wait for that.

These "Reminiscences" are taking on the character of a topically-arranged autobiography, and are the only writing of the kind that I mean to do. I believe they are more interesting and useful (to the history of our field, Chinese/Japanese painting studies) than the chronological kind of autobiography would be. If any readers have suggestions of topics I haven't yet written about and should, please send them to me, using the "response" system of these blogs, or else my email address: