Monday, July 16, 2007


Again, I must use this blog to apologize for faults in the website and announce the correction of them, thanks to my able research assistant Barry Magrill. First, an extraneous text had been inserted wrongly into the CYCTIE, the "Imperishable Ephemera" section, as Part 2. It has been removed, and the CYCTIE is complete in two parts. (The "Hamlet at Wittenberg" piece is at the end of Part 1.) Secondly, I gave out the wrong numbers for the CLP texts that correspond to the two attachments to my announcement: CLP 178 is the "Berkeley Talk," and CLP 176, now openable, is the "Visual, Verbal, and Global?" paper. Apologies to those who wasted time trying to open it over the past few days.

I have had many positive and interesting responses to my sendout, some from people I haven't heard from in years. Thanks to all who sent encouraging emails. The website will be further improved with corrections and additions; write me if there are problems.