Monday, July 9, 2007


There are still a few minor glitches in the website that need to be corrected, but it is close enough to ready for me to announce it. A note on opening the "Writings" section: There is a "Directory" at left, with the categories in orange type below; clicking once on any of those should make a more detailed menu appear below it in small black type, and clicking on the items in those menus should make the texts appear. For some reason, clicking the "Responses and Reminiscences" one doesn't yet produce a menu, and the latter part of it is unavailable until that is fixed; it goes only to 26 now and should go to 36. For some reason, under WCP, WCP 5 and WCP 5 Illustrations are reversed. The "illustrations" are only notes for myself on where to find slides etc.; not much real information on where to find the pictures. That can come later. In the "Writings" category, there is a "Search" box at the top which should allow you to locate references to particular subjects.

Under CLP, the whole list appears first, with asterisks beside those items that are digitized and accessible on the website. Call down the menu by clicking on that item under the Directory, and then click any CLP by number. Items on the complete CLP list lacking asterisks can in principle be obtained, by anyone with a legitimate research purpose, by writing me and paying the cost of copying it from my hard copy and sending it to you; my research assistant is willing to do a limited amount of that work, with pay for his time of course included. I assume that requests of that kind will be few.

So, have fun. Jim